Bringing Creatives Together- Now Is the Time!

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In a world that is becoming more divisive in many ways, and Covid is not helping that fact, it is time to come together as a creative community that serves God. I have heard so many times how writers are looking for artists or illustrators, actors looking for platform development as well as growing in their gift with other actors, and the list goes on. We as creatives need each other desperately … more than we realize.

That has been the call on my life to gather people together to love and support one another. Our goal at The Well is to help others take the next step in their journey of developing their talent and helping them use it. The mission of The Well is to equip, network, and refresh creatives. How do we do that? We have the annual conference, but there is so much more and it’s growing quickly day by day. In the near future, you will see other training opportunities online, events at different venues, and who knows what else when creative minds get together. 

A great example of coming together to help each other succeed is the leadership team of The Well. This group of talented people have grasped the vision of The Well and are focused on doing whatever needs to be done to accomplish great things. God has gifted this group of creative leaders to be a supportive team that actively works towards the goal.

So all of you who are writers, speakers, illustrators, actors, artists, and I’m sure the list will expand … we invite you to come to The Well on April 23rd & 24th, 2021.  You are not alone in your journey. We walk together for the glorification of God.

Kathy Bruins, Founder/Director of The Well Ministry for Creatives