Thrive 2021 … Let’s get started!!


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The Thrive 2021 webinar was amazing! Marnie Swedberg is the founder/director of and a coach/mentor to leaders around the world. This webinar was an opportunity for me to learn how to discover what God has for me to do in 2021. It’s important to have that focus and not waste time and energy on things you feel you should do without any basis of why, except that maybe it is expected by others. I think about the Scripture of Mary and Martha (Luke 10:38-42) where Martha is angry because Mary isn’t helping her with the preparation of the meal. Mary chose to sit at Jesus’ feet and Jesus said that she chose what was better.


The topics of mindsets, priorities, the whys of the priorities, continuum tools, and the sweet spot of growth gave insight to the layers of discovering what we do and why we do it; actually helping us to not only survive through 2021, but to reassess our thoughts and actions to thrive this year. 


I encourage you to see all the services that Marnie Swedberg offers at