Droplets – Amy Straub

The Well Ministry for Creatives droplets picturesAmy Straub loves to get to know people and share what’s on her heart in regards to earnest artisans. She has an interest in you.

Amy loves to talk about God’s creation. She loves sky art and how impacting it is to her soul. She knows God is an amazing artist. Her favorite inspirations are God’s creation and adventuring outdoors. Sunrise, sunsets, mountaintops, oceans, clouds.

This picture she captured on one of the last days of Michigan’s great February chill. Do you see a giant feather? Amy feels it is her duty to alert anyone at home to also check it out.

Her house is normally filled with children that she can help wonder about the world around them. which makes art fun for her. How we interpret the world around us is so different from each other. How God speaks an image to one person can be totally different from the next. And that’s okay!

Amy loves using the scriptures with her art and connecting it together. Psalm 91:4 – “He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.” A beautiful reminder in the midst of certain seasons. Creating will reveal insight. It just takes action. She loves the spontaneity of inspiration but is also learning; the practice of creating has to be intentional.

She will encourage all to just start … even if it’s a drop. Watch and see what God can do with it. Whether it’s a Word to stand on for a season for you personally or something to share with someone else. Gather your “droplets” of inspiration and create.

Amy invites you to join her in exploring how God speaks to us in our everyday surroundings. Come to our conference bringing your favorite drawing supplies and sketchbook or watercolors and watercolor paper… a blank card and/or envelope; bring whatever you may have.