God’s Goodness Shines Again!

There are times of ups and downs during life. Does our faith seem to follow the ups and downs? Do we figure God is in control when all good things happen and doubt it a bit when challenges arise?

Just over a month ago, we lost our venue for The Well because of Covid fears. I totally understand the fears and didn’t judge. In fact, I had this overwhelming sense of calm that God had this. I was convinced that the place planned for us by the Lord would be perfect. The leadership team all supported me with this belief and shared stories of how God provided for them during those trying times. 

We were on the hunt for the place that God had picked out for us, and out of the multitude of churches I contacted (approximately 25), the words “No, I’m sorry,” became commonplace. During this time, I was interviewed by Terry DeBoer from West Michigan Christian News. I was afraid to say we didn’t have a venue being just over a month away from the conference, but I told him and shared how we as The Well leadership team believed God had a place for us because this conference was all God’s. He was going to publish the article the following week but asked if I would like him to hold off for a week just in case a venue came to be. I said yes. The following week, still no venue, so he said maybe hold off another week. However, that same day, I received word that South Harbor Church would be our venue. Look here at the photos of what God has provided. Hallelujah!

So I am sharing this story to encourage you that God is always at work and is always faithful.