It’s worth it! – Elizabeth Ivy Hawkins

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I am so passionate about artists. We are a deep, wild, creative, unusual, inspiring, intuitive lot, aren’t we? We have the courage to turn ourselves inside out and put it out into the world for others to see.

I’m also passionate about living life fully, embracing freedom, empowerment, and joy. I never want to live with regret. The miracle that I get to make art is not lost on me.  Every now and then, in an interview or in a conversation, when I’m asked what part of my career I’m most proud of, it’s not smelling the ink on the newly printed book,(although it was delicious), or the exhibition in that city with the painting that sold to that client–(but oh how I loved all of that, too).

As it turns out, it’s the times in the studio when I almost gave up, but by some grace, didn’t. It’s the students that I’ve had the privilege of teaching. It’s seeing the world from a different set of eyes…and…

It’s also the long stretches of unknowing that I lingered through. The gaps of time where I didn’t make art and pretended not to be an artist so that I could belong in a more ‘normal’ life and career.  

The financial setbacks, the cancer diagnosis, relationships ending or changing in ways I could never have expected.  

I kept going. With something that I can say felt like invisible hands guiding me. When I look back it is unexplainable. I couldn’t have planned it if I tried.  

It’s worth it.  It’s worth it.  It’s worth it.

In case you need to hear this: Your crazy dreams are worth chasing!

“Start before you’re ready. Good things happen when you start before you’re ready.” Steven Pressfield, War of Art. (Best book on Resistance anywhere, I highly recommend).

If you’ve been thinking about taking this art game seriously, or you already do, and want more development, or are curious about learning to understand the stages of creativity (if you don’t know what they are, we need to talk), so that you can take that project that’s been eating away at you (you know the one), and get it to the next level of development. Let’s get together and map it out.  Let’s find your voice.  

I hope you’ll take a chance at it.  It’s worth it. It’s worth it. It’s worth it.