2022 Christian Ani Awards

From Founder and Director Kathy Bruins:

I attended the 2022 Christian Ani (Animation) Awards sponsored by Allendale Christian Media. It truly was a wonderful event in meeting and networking with many Christian media professionals. As the founder of The Well Ministry for Creatives where we strive to help creatives take the next step in the journey God has them on, it was evident that the Holy Spirit allowed for us to gather and brainstorm the possibilities of future endeavors for the kingdom.

Gene and I were interviewed there by the delightful Fecility Joy. I have attached the video of all her interviews, but you can find Gene and me at the 19.15 mark of the recording. I believe God has a great plan to connect His creatives to do great work in impacting the world for Him.


[kad_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/o6vbzQueo2Y” ]