Crafted Prayer from The Well

By Tracy Belanger
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Author: Tracy Belanger

My beloved,

I have brought you here to water you with My Spirit.

Refreshing you is one of my favorite things to do for you.

I am delighted that you have met Me here. 

Open your heart for the tsunami of my love.

I love to see You ….create with Me

I am excited to use your art as a source for my Glory.

I know others will understand My love because of your expression.

It is one of My greatest pleasures for My kingdom to come through you.

 I love My will for your life.  I’m sure you will too.

Come and talk to me every day.

I love hearing your voice.

I love to see You ….create with Me in a new way.

I can see you using My Word to create your future.

You and I can show the world that all things are possible.

I have absolute confidence in the gifts I have given you.

I’m so excited to see you abound in your gifts.

I desire for you to know I have made you with excellence and splendor.

I love to see You ….create with Me

It will make me so happy to see you live in the abundance I’ve purchased for you.

I have a bunch of ideas for you…..for your art, family and friends. 

These ideas I’ve placed within you, like a treasure hunt.

I’m so excited to help you find them.

I love to see You ….create with Me

Don’t worry …..I’ll be there to shine a light on your path.

I delight in helping you see clearly.

Let me help you look at things differently.

I can help you see …..with My eyes.

Beloved, I see you flowing in my grace…now.

 Be refreshed in My unspeakable joy.

Know that resurrection power is in you.

Change the atmosphere with My Word. 

Stand strong in the promises.

Love one another.

Always remember.

We love you.  

tracy Belanger

By Tracy Belanger

Art Track Leader; Artist and Intercessor