Now Is the Time to Fully Bloom

By Marnie Swedberg

by Marnie Swedberg,

It started with prayer support from the moment we got our tickets, blossomed into a weekend of beautiful worship, connection, collaboration and one-on-ones, and launched us back into the world equipped, excited and encouraged to “Take Action NOW!”

Every speaker and session leader shared testimonies of dying to self during seasons of darkness, confusion and disappointment after which came a season of light, clarity and joy.

Because, as creatives, we know the drill: It’s all about story. Your story. My story. HIStory. 

It was not by accident that Session Leader, Linda Olson’s first topic was, “Life is Short. Enjoy God’s Abundance,” Nor that this year’s conference theme was, “The Time is Now!”

God, unexpectedly to us, called Linda home to heaven suddenly, on her 70th birthday, just two weeks prior to The Well. He was emphasizing a point!

NOW is the time to let Him use you to further His kingdom on earth.

So, what is God calling YOU to do? The Well can help!

Keynote speaker, Jason Campbell of JC Films, told us about the day before the launch of shooting for their biggest film yet (with over 500 actors/actresses). He shared the devastation of his laptop being stolen, followed by a profound and unexpected miracle. God is in control.

Keynoter, Michelle Medlock Adams, shared the story of a time God asked her to die to herself. Her boss asked her to allow another ministry leader to publish Michelle’s books, but under that leader’s name. There was to be no recognition for Michelle, just a transaction. She walked us through the shock, heartbreak and release… ending with how God turned that season of confusion and yieldedness into a blessing beyond imagination.

All weekend, we heard story after story after story of God’s faithfulness as individuals simply let HIM do HIS thing through their lives. 

THIS is why The Well is one of my favorite conferences to attend, speak at and support. It’s all about prayer, God-focus, Jesus, and equipping His people to take His message to the world, each in their own way, as the Holy Spirit leads.

One of the speakers said, “I love The Well Conference because here, there is no ego.”

It’s so true! 

If you need God-centric, loving, compassionate, rock-solid training to take your ministry to the next level, we hope to See You at The Well! 

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Marnie Swedberg

By Marnie Swedberg

Speaking Track Leader; Author, Speaker and Coach