Actors and Filmmakers at the Well

Conference for Creatives

...I have given ability to all the skilled workers to make everything I have commanded you.

Exodus 31:6

Our lives are surrounded by media every day. Filmmakers, actors, screenwriters, and theater buffs who love Jesus are making media that honors God and uplifts the spirit of everyone who watches.

The Well Conference for Creatives is a place for filmmakers and actors who serve Jesus to come together for fellowship, refreshing, and encouragement as they serve the Lord with the creative gifts He has given them.

Join us for

Film and Theater Sessions at the Well Conference for Christian Creatives

Sell Your Creations

All attendees and faculty of The Well are welcome to sell their books, media material and art in our bookstore. This is a great opportunity to get your work noticed and purchased.

We are pleased to announce that Carol Graft will be the bookstore manager. Carol has a lot of librarian experience plus loves to read! Carol is a writer herself and knows the beauty of being creative and blessing others with the gifts God has given.

If you are interested in selling your items in our bookstore, please fill this form for the bookstore here.

There will be a 20% fee paid to The Well for all that is sold.

Sell your artwork at the Well Conference bookstore
Photo Credit: Indirah Michmerhuizen with Family LIFE Photography

Multi-Talented Creatives Welcome!

The Well Conference for Creatives is not just for filmmakers or actors of faith. We also serve musicians, authors, film makers, actors, speakers, and more. Every attendee is welcome to take whatever sessions they are interested in. You are not limited to a single track. 

April 20-23, 2023
Fair Haven Church
Hudsonville, MI (Near Grand Rapids)

We’re excited to have Bob Hostetler and Tammy Whitehearst as our keynote speakers this year , plus an amazing lineup of breakout sessions for Christian Creatives.
Bob Hostetler
Tammy Whitehearst, Keynote speaker for the Well 2023

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We want to see YOU at the Well, where you'll be equipped, networked and refreshed. Join us for encouraging keynotes, anointed worship, and great sessions.


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Resources for Film and Theater

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