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Anna Barnhart is an impressionist painter creating prophetic and studio art. Using the versatility of acrylic paint with texture, she loves natural themes bordering on abstract. Creating by hand and using many of her senses (except eating paint), Anna values play when interpreting nature, often becoming an act of worship of the Creator.

Projects collaborating with farms, libraries, churches, or local businesses are her favorite, as the works integrate with the community and can involve another favorite thing: local produce! Anna has created art for over 10 years, with a degree in Animation, and over four years experience teaching at Michael’s Art and Crafts.

Her art can be found at select Michigan art shows, her website, social media, and her YouTube channel.

Anna's Sessions

Simplifying Compositions and Using Photo Reference

A tiny boot camp of practising ways for simplifying photo reference and learning what to leave out. What makes a good composition? How can we lead the eye through a painting? Let’s take some examples of busy pictures and break them down into usable and effective parts. This is also great for photographers wanting to take pictures with better traditional composition.

Track: Art
Time Slot: 3

From Idea to Opportunity: Creating Systems to Get Your Art into the World

You’ve got plenty of ideas, now what? Let’s take an look at what really works for artists to get projects done by exploring a few systems of (gasp) organization for the visual artist. We’ll also look at how you can prepare your art for being seen in the wild: an overview of how to photograph, price art, and apply to shows for those new to the marketplace. Let’s make your art happen!

Track: Art
Time Slot: 5

Authors Who Draw: DIY Book Cover and Illustrations for Self Publishers

Going over the basics of typography, composition, and color theory for self publishing authors who want to have fun cover-to-cover, or want to understand why illustrators make the choices they do! We’ll take a peek at other authors who have created art for their books as well.

Track: Art
Time Slot: 7

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