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Darlene Larson

Personal Growth Track Leader; Author, Speaker, and Life Purpose Coach

Don’t let Darlene’s upbeat spirit and smile trick you into believing Darlene’s life has been a walk down daisy lane.

She knows disappointments like they are her best friends. For over a quarter of a century, she survived an emotionally abusive marriage, mining the Word daily to find the strength she needed to continue. God is using the emotional pain Darlene has experienced as a megaphone to let women and men know that God heals mutilated hearts and there is life beyond emotional pain.

As the founder of Hearts with a Purpose, she coaches women around the world. A Professional Certified Life Purpose Coach®, Life Coach, Recovery Coach, and Grief-loss Coach, Darlene passionately coaches women that are harried, hurting, and hungry, guiding them to the freedom of discovering their life purpose.

Her journey has led her to author the 31-day life changing devotional series, Enable Me, Lord to Shift: Are you stuck in idle? Learn how to shift into Truth and live! In her devotional books you will read a woman’s story, learn a verse, and be coached. Visit her website at www.Heartswithapurpose.com and receive her first book Free.

Darlene's Sessions

Limiting Beliefs Derail Us - Don’t let them!

Do you know the one liners you say, often sabotage your life dreams?

They’re sneaky, subtle, and often severely ignored. They leave men and women lingering and lost on their life purpose pathway.

Be proactive. Take inventory and discover your nay saying lies and prepare to uproot them from your heart and plant the seeds of Truth.

Time Slot:

Writing Devotionals

Step into this breakout and learn the building blocks of writing rich life changing devotionals.  A prerequisite to ask yourself before you write a devotional; has the Word changed your life? If so, you are a ready to learn the skills needed to write a devotional. Let’s begin.

Time Slot: 5

Match Your Message: One Brand. One Voice. One You.

As a writer, blogger, author, speaker, as Christ’s Ambassador to a hurting and hopeless world, it’s crucial we are the real deal. We must be authentic, and guard against duplicity in the online world. How do we create this needed accountability? You are your brand. You must match your message.

Learn 10 essential steps to guard against duplicity and be your authentic self.

Track: Speaking
Time Slot: 6

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