Edwina Perkins

Edwina Perkins

Author Speaker, and Acquisitions Editor, Harambee Press

Edwina is an award-winning writer, experienced teacher, speaker, and freelance editor. She worked as a content editor with Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas and is currently Acquisitions Editor for Harambee Press and Iron Stream Media which features ethnic voices.

Addressing Diversity in Novel Manuscripts

The number of books with ethnic characters has risen over the last few years. Because publishing houses are looking for more diversity in what authors are submitting, non-ethnic writers need to address some important issues when addressing diversity in their manuscripts. It is important to remember your most valuable ability as a writer is your credibility.

This workshop focuses on the impact of writing about a culture outside of your own and offers information to help authors write with authenticity in their manuscripts.

Time Slot:

The Importance of Story in Your Non-Fiction

A look at how story (and some fiction-writing techniques) can create more engaging and impactful nonfiction books.

Time Slot: 4

Ask the Pros Panel

Ask the Pros, including: Bob Hostetler, Cindy Lambert, Courtney Lasater, Michelle Loyd-Paige, Edwina Perkins

Time Slot: 5

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