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Laura DeGroot

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Laura DeGroot is a member of The Well leadership team. She loves to laugh, live out-loud, drink good coffee, read good books, and engage in deep conversation. She is a champion for Caffeinated Living: paying attention to what’s going on inside and outside of you, and showing up to the people that are yours to love and the work that is yours to do.

Laura is a motivated author and speaker. Her recent publication is the book Live Wide Awake. It is her passion to teach women to love who they are and enjoy what they do through self-awareness, acceptance and appreciation.

Having experienced both abundant blessing and significant loss, she uses stories and her signature Pay-Attention practices to encourage others to love who they are and know God, not just know about God. Many of her stories come from the quotidian life of a strong-willed woman who is devoted to and has wrestled with the Christian faith, and from being accidental expert in dinnertime.

Her posture and openness to life reveal that she is “never the expert, always the student.”

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