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Peg Arnold

Theater and Film Track Leader; Author, Speaker and Dramatist

Peg Arnold, speaker/author has been a leader in women’s ministry for more than 25 years, using personal witness, drama, teachings, and humor to make scripture come alive. She shares the joys and challenges of balancing the hectic and the holy in her roles as a PK (preacher’s kid), wife, mother, Nana, sister, friend, teacher, counselor, and church leader. Whether talking with a friend over coffee, or addressing hundreds of people at a conference, her passion for encouraging women to find their true value and purpose, and to use their gifts in their daily lives, is contagious.

Peg’s essays are in Chicken Soup for the Soul books, several anthologies, and her book, Devotions for the Distracted Heart. She has developed both one-time presentations and weekend retreats featuring Biblical characters such as the Woman at the Well, Mary and Martha, and several contemporary characters including “Church Ladies.” These have entertained and touched the hearts of many audiences up and down the east coast. Peg grew up in Michigan, raised her family in MD, and now explores Colorado.

Peg's Sessions

Discovering Your Worship Style

God created each of us as unique individuals with varied gifts, preferences, and abilities. Wouldn’t it be reasonable that He desires to communicate with us in unique ways. In this interactive session, you will discover your personal worship style.

This discovery can impact your personal relationship with Christ and you learn to communicate with Him the way He designed you.

Time Slot: 3

Breathing Life into Biblical Characters

Explore interactive methods for bringing familiar Biblical characters to life by creating a story, researching the setting, and integrating simple props. Participants, be prepared to expand your imagination and creativity while we are together.

Time Slot: 4

Making Your Message Memorable

We all want our messages to make an impact on the spiritual lives of those the Lord puts in our path. Learn how and why visual aids, props, music, and other strategies can enhance your message and make it more memorable for all who hear it. We will explore our own learning styles and what best strategies complement our own personal message.

Track: Speaking
Time Slot: 5

Spice it Up with Humor

Humor can impact an article or message in the same way that spices influence flavor. Sometimes integrating it into your ministry message can feel difficult and awkward. In this session, you will explore several specific strategies for incorporating humor into your writing and your messages so that it has meaning. Participants will experience each method and have a chance to create and present one of their own.

Track: Comedy
Time Slot: 8

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