tracy Belanger

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Tracy Belanger

Art Track Leader; Artist and Intercessor

Tracy Belanger is an Art track leader for the well. She is an artist, teacher, and intercessor. She serves at her local church with youth ministry.Tracy is involved with Thriving Christian Artists with mentoring from Matt Tommy. Tracy encourages an atmosphere of joy and laughter. Tracy expresses the Father’s heart through prophetic works of art.

Tracy's Sessions

The Crest of the Wave-identity and Finger Painting

Explore your child-like side and enter into your new understanding of who God says you are.

Track: Art
Time Slot: 4

How to Sew a Button and Other Practical Workarounds for Creatives

Do you often wonder where time has gone? We will have some tips and tricks to help you have more time for creativity and … yes learn to sew a button.

Track: Art
Time Slot: 8

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