Pegg Thomas
Presented by Pegg Thomas
Karin Berry
Presented by Karin Beery

Discover Your Novel Writing Process

Are you a pantser or a plotter? Or both? Or neither? Unsure? And which way is the best way? Is there a “right way” to write your novel manuscript?

Plotting novelist Pegg Thomas and semi-pantser Karin Beery have each found success using different novel-writing techniques … but they also call each other for help when they find a hole or weak spot in their stories and characters. Individually, they’ve discovered the advantages and disadvantages of each novel-writing style. Together, they’ve learned how using pieces of the other person’s techniques can help them create stronger, more engaging stories.

During this class, Pegg and Karin will walk you through the different processes (plot-centered outlining vs. character-centered pantsing), helping you discover which style works best for you and how you can use elements of different novel-writing styles to strengthen your own.


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