Cherie Nettles

Cherie Nettles

Cherie Nettles is described as a knee slapping belly laughing people magnet. Cherie draws from her life experiences to teach, inspire and entertain. Cherie says that when people laugh it is music to her ears. Cherie Nettles was born and raised in South Carolina. She believes all southern girls arrive in the magnolia-lined states in …

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Spice it Up with Humor

Humor can impact an article or message in the same way that spices influence flavor. Sometimes integrating it into your ministry message can feel difficult and awkward. In this session, you will explore several specific strategies for incorporating humor into your writing and your messages so that it has meaning. Participants will experience each method …

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Writing with Banana Peels

University studies have shown that humor increases attention, comprehension and retention in speech and writing. This laugh-filled seminar offers practical strategies for communicating more effectively with humor, as well as looking at Christ’s “standup.”

Humor Sells for Writers

The world needs to chuckle more, and you can give them what they need when you learn to incorporate humor into your writing. Jeanette will show you ways to weave funny business into your articles, devotionals, and book manuscripts. When you help your readers laugh, you can attract a wider audience and increase your sales

Eric Jones Morningstar Media

Eric Jones

 Eric Jones  (Executive Producer, Co-Founder of MorningStar Media Group, LLC  ) is a Medford, Massachusetts born, Minnesota & Texas raised artist. Mr. Jones is a graduate of Texas Southern University; B.S. Pharmacy. He has been involved with the Christian theater circuit since 1995 as a writer, actor, director and composer. Writing credits includes: Children of the Passage, …

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Peg Arnold Theater Track

Peg Arnold

Peg Arnold, speaker/author has been a leader in women’s ministry for more than 25 years, using personal witness, drama, teachings, and humor to make scripture come alive. She shares the joys and challenges of balancing the hectic and the holy in her roles as a PK (preacher’s kid), wife, mother, Nana, sister, friend, teacher, counselor, …

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Jim Watkins, Author

Jim Watkins

Jim Watkins is an award-winning author of over 20 books and 2,500 articles, who has spoken across the United States and overseas. He has served as an editor and editorial director at Wesleyan Publishing House, an editor with the American Bible Society, taught writing at Taylor University and has guest-lectured at Liberty, Regent, and other …

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