Ammie Bouwman

Ammie Bouwman

Have you ever felt like you were in over your head? Ammie Bouwman struggled with depression and mental illness for over 17 years and lived daily with that feeling. But God! In 2013 Jesus completely healed her and put her on a brand new path. In the last six years, Ammie has self-published over ten …

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Darlene Larson Author and Coach

Darlene Larson

Don’t let Darlene’s upbeat spirit and smile trick you into believing Darlene’s life has been a walk down daisy lane. She knows disappointments like they are her best friends. For over a quarter of a century, she survived an emotionally abusive marriage, mining the Word daily to find the strength she needed to continue. God is using …

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Peg Arnold Theater Track

Peg Arnold

Peg Arnold, speaker/author has been a leader in women’s ministry for more than 25 years, using personal witness, drama, teachings, and humor to make scripture come alive. She shares the joys and challenges of balancing the hectic and the holy in her roles as a PK (preacher’s kid), wife, mother, Nana, sister, friend, teacher, counselor, …

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Marnie Swedberg

Marnie Swedberg

Godly women worldwide look to Marnie Swedberg for coaching, connections and collaboration. As a keynote speaker at Christian Women Conferences, Marnie circumnavigates the globe online and in-person, bringing perspective transformation, deep spiritual healing, and hope to women worldwide. She has mentored over 15,000 leaders from 35 countries, is the author of 13 books, host of …

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